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This site does not support or encourage tobacco use. This site is a reference for collectors or others researching antique cigarette lighters and ashtrays.
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Welcome to Vintage Cigarette Lighters!

Anybody got a light?


The purpose of this site is to be something of a library concerning vintage cigarette lighters. The site begins with the lighters in my collection. Additionally, there are many additions of lighters from others who give permission to use their pictures and who submit pictures consistent with the quality on the site.

Collecting Lighters

There are as many ways of collecting lighters as there are individuals. There are individuals who collect lighters few others will ever even see - then there are people who collect rather common and mundane lighters (certainly far more of the latter than the former!) that are ones they like. No snobs here! Lighters from the most common to the rarest will appear on this site. However, since Zippo lighters are virtually a field unto themselves, few Zippos will be shown here.

This site does not deal with the value of lighters - unless it is in the respect of one that is for sale on this site. The value of a lighter is best found by visiting eBay and researching what the last one like it sold for. Since there are thousands, if not millions, of variations of advertising lighters no attempt is made to deal with them here.

Beginning Collectors

This site is geared more to the beginning collector than the "ol' pros" who already know (or think they do) way more than will ever be presented here. The lighters pictures as well as the multitude of other documents available are geared to finding out more about lighters for those who don't know and are starting out... or for those with just a curiosity about a certain lighter.

What Is Here?

If you're selling lighters on eBay, we suggest you check the article: A Note To eBay Sellers



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Lighter Photos from Frank Dutton
Lighter Photos from Larry Tolkin
Lighter Photos from other sources
Many lighters have a set of letters in small text under them. These are for collection cataloging purposes.

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