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This site does not support or encourage tobacco use. This site is a reference for collectors or others researching antique cigarette lighters and ashtrays.
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Links to other sites...

Zippo, Ronson, Evans and more... excellent pictures of lighters and lighters for sale, too. See lighters valued in thousands of dollars!

JC's Vintage Lighters
John is a very good person to buy lighters from; I have obtained several from him. Check out lighters for sale here as well as some of John's collection.

John Flores Graphics - Lighter Collection
An informative lighter site with information on many lighters - especially good for Imco/Jmco information.

This site has some excellent information on all phases of repairing and restoring lighters.

LCGB - Lighter Club of Great Britain
Arguably the foremost lighter club in the world! - Nice website includes some back issues of Blaze, their periodical with great articles on lighters. If you haven't visited this site before, you should! It is a must see for collectors!

My Lighter Collection
German site with English (and other) translation. Large collection of lighters and information on many manufacturers.

A website dedicated to our armed forces and the Zippos they carried into harms way.

Old Lighters & More
This is a beautifully done site - but done in German. If you go to it using Google Chrome browser, translation is automatically offered. Or you may want to go through and enter and get translation that way. This site has some great lighters and information about them - a little difficult through the translation, but well worthwhile.

Sparks of Time Vintage Lighters & Collectibles
A developing site with some information for collectors and more on the way. Lighters for sale - minor lighter repairs.

Vintage Collectible Lighters
This is a Czech Republic site with English translation. Excellent site for European lighters, in particular. Lighters may be viewed by country or by manufacturer.

Vintage Evans & Classic Cigarette Lighters
Photos of Evans glass enamel and other makes of classic cigarette lighters.

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