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This site does not support or encourage tobacco use. This site is a reference for collectors or others researching antique cigarette lighters and ashtrays.
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Cigarette Lighter Documentation

Lighter Instruction SheetsCigarette Lighter Instruction Sheets

This is the paperwork that comes with a lighter. Typically it is about adding fuel and replacing flints. Often it includes a warranty and information about other items in the product line. - BOTTOM PART OF THIS PAGE

Lektrolite 1936 CatalogCatalogs & Ronson Sketchbook

The catalogs show a given line of lighters at a given point in time. The Ronson Sketchbook is a series of drawings from 1935 through 1940 from the design department at Ronson.

Repair Manual

1954 Repair manualWe are sharing the 1954 Lighter Parts, Inc. Lighter Repair Manual. This manual covers many, many lighters up to 1954. This manual was scanned and offered for sale as scanned JPG images without restrictions to us. After purchasing the images, further modifications were undertaken to separate pages (previously 2 pages per image) and index them for easier reference on this website. We welcome you to link to these pages, but would not appreciate your copying of the images for your own website! If you wish to purchase the images, they are available on from a source in Great Britain for about $12.00 US - and they are larger - at a higher resolution - than the ones presented here..

Articles About LightersArticles

Informative articles about cigarette lighters from other collectors and experts who know their topic!

Vintage Lighter Books

Brief reviews of books dealing with vintage cigarette lighters

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If you have documentation for a lighter that is not presented here, please feel free to share it with us. A high quality scan (300 DPI for large items; 600 DPI for small items) would be welcomed and can be included here. For more information about this, please see the SUBMISSIONS PAGE. At this time no documentation is being accepted for anything newer than 1989... unless... it is something of particular interest.

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SOURCES: Both the Cigarette Lighter Ads and the Documentation share some commond sources. The biggest single source is eBay where various full size original ads are for sale and often good, smaller size scans of these are a part of the item description - these are frequently used here. Additionally, I scan ads from periodicals I have as well as from purchased catalogs. There are also some images from different books: Collecting Cigarette Lighters and Collecting Cigarette Lighters Volume II by Neil S. Wood and Collector's Guide To Cigarette Lighters Book 2 by James Flanagan have also provided some images. As time passes I expect more images to be provided by other third parties.