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Cigarette Lighter Catalogs & Ronson Sketchbook

Hahway / MEB Late 1920s

24 Pages     Introduction & Cover    Pages 4-5     Pages 10-11     Pages 14-15     Page 20-21     Back Cover

Kaschie (German) 1936

24 Pages     Cover    Page 5     Page 10     Page 15     Page 20     Back Cover

Lektrolite 1936

22 Pages      Cover     Pages 5-6     Pages 11-12     Pages 17-18     Back Cover

Nassau 1911

28 Pages     Introduction & Cover     Pages 6-7     Pages 12-13    Pages 20-21    Page 28

Nesor 1963

13 Pages     Introduction     Cover     Page 3     Page 6     Page 9     Page 12

Ronson Sketchbook from 1935 and beyond 1940

The Ronson Sketchbook is a series of drawings beginning in mid-1935 and extending through 1940 and possibly into 1941 or so - the early sketches are dated, but the last ones are not. The history of the sketchbook is uncertain; it appears that these drawings were done in the design department as a reference for future designers, or possibly even to show off design skills for up and coming designers. The drawings do seem to all be post-production of the various items. Some of these are of models not in "The Book".
-Ronson Sketchbook Contributed by Larry Tolkin

61 Pages     Page 1     Page 12     Page 24     Page 36     Page 48