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Where Webmaster's Gallery Photos Are Taken

About Toledo-Bend Gallery & Equipment Used

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I Begin At Home

 The vast majority of the pictures in the Webmaster's Gallery are taken within 500 feet of my front door - and mostly less than 200 feet from it. It is absolutely amazing what all you can find in your back yard and neighborhood... of course, it's easier and more varied if you live in a country setting by the lake as I do.

Pictures From the Toledo Bend Lake Area

Other pictures are taken around the lake area in general - just where ever I happen to be and see a good picture and have a camera handy. The primary areas I visit to shoot pictures are the SRA park sites around the lake as well as the North and South Toledo Bend State Parks. Virtually all photos are shot in either Sabine Parish Louisiana or Sabine County Texas, though a few are from the couple of other counties/parishes that touch on the lake (e.g. Newton Country Texas, Shelby County Texas, DeSoto Parish Louisiana, Vernon Parish Louisiana).