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The Lion King

by Larry Tolkin

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The Lion KingFor a longtime lighter collector, nothing is as special as finding a very interesting and rare vintage lighter. Whether a novelty figural shape or unusual mechanical mechanism, these type pieces are both fascinating and eye catching, especially in precious metal.

The Lion KingThe photos are of a very rare pocket petrol sterling silver lighter with a figural lion design utilized as the snuffer cap. This style lion is likely a copy of the lion statues at Trafalgar Square in London.

The lighter is a London import hallmarked letter “l” for 1926. The lighter was made for C&C of London. C&C were Cohen and Charles, a retail luxury jewelry shop also selling silver and gold accessories such as cigarette cases and vestas (friction matches with wooden or wax shanks).

If you appreciate vintage figural silver pocket lighters, stop “lion” around and go have fun searching ebay or the local antique markets.

Photos by Larry Tolkin

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