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Two Rare Dunhills

by Larry Tolkin

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Dunhill Alduna CaselighterDunhill Alduna CaselighterFeatured in this article are two “not in the Dunhill book” vintage Dunhill lighters. First is the Alduna Caselighter model which has an Alduna mechanism combined with cigarette case. The Alduna pocket Dunhill models were designed circa 1947 and only retailed at the Paris Dunhill shop. The Alduna sterling lighters were manufactured in the Guillon workshop. The Guillon workshop made many of the quality post WW2 Dunhill French models.

Dunhill Alduna CaselighterThe lighter has an unusual slide door that opens to reveal the fuel screw. The lighter is marked “Dunhill” near the fuel screw. The body of the case has the same mini-cut-pyramid deco silver design as most pocket Alduna’s. The Dunhill Alduna Caselighter is extremely rare.

Dunhill Lincoln Grill LighterNext comes one of the most extraordinary Dunhill lighters ever produced. The lighter is a miniature figural in the shape of the Lincoln automobile grill. It has a greyhound dog on radiator cap with engine turned body and Lincoln enamel Dunhill Lincoln Grill Lighterappliqué. This model Dunhill is a table lighter measuring 2-7/8” tall. The lighter is a single wheel mechanism and London silver hallmarked letter “o” for 1929. The Lincoln pre-dates and was likely the inspiration for the 1930’s Rolls Royce automobile grill model. Only one Lincoln Dunhill Grill unique lighter known.

Dunhill Lincoln Grill Lighter Dunhill Lincoln Grill Lighter Dunhill Lincoln Grill Lighter Dunhill Lincoln Grill Lighter

Photos by Larry Tolkin

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