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The Havalite Bakelite Pencil Lighter

by Larry Tolkin

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Havalite Pencil Lighter

Havalite Pencil LighterThe Havalite combination pencil with petrol lighter is one of the most interesting of all the vintage pencil lighters. The Havalite was invented in 1929 by Arthur Stevenson of Rochester, New York.

The Havalite was mainly manufactured in bakelite plastic with plated snuffer cap wheel-wick mechanism. Havalites came in numerous colors and combinations of color. There are a few different sizes and wholesale selling was done thru a system of local distributors.

Havalite Pencil Lighter

Havalite PatentHavalite’s were also utilized for promotional advertising sales and are found with inscribed ads in the bakelite barrel or enamel plaques on the top side of snuffer. Havalite’s also come without the pencil (photo left) and were for shirt pocket use.

Bakelite is the first synthetic plastic invented in 1906 by Leo Baekeland. The use of Plastic transformed materials technology in the 20th century and is one of the most important inventions of the last 100 years. Early American Plastic objects are now becoming very popular with 20th century collectors.

Havalite Pencil LighterHavalites are quality colorful bakelite items belonging in every vintage lighter or bakelite collection.

Photos by Larry Tolkin

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