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Zippo Lighters

The classic Zippo is the essence of the simple, manual lighter. Flip it open, turn the flint wheel, flip it closed when finished. Simple, dependable, easy to fix, and has a lifetime guarantee. Maybe that's why they are ubiquitous.

The zippo Manufacturing company was founded in 1932 in Bradford, PA by George Blaisdell, a partner in the Blaisdell Oil Company. Blaisdell began by importing lighters, with little success. He then decided to design and manufacture a lighter that was attractive and efficient. Production began in a room over an old garage. The result was named 'Zippo', apparently derived from the recently invented zipper.

Early publicity was accomplished through distribution to long distance bus drivers. During the journeys, the passengers had the opportunity to see the drivers using the product. During World War 2 lighters were produced for the armed forces only.

SOURCE: Lighters: Gli Accendini by StefanoBisconcini