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Dunhill Lighters

Notable moments of Dunhill's history:

  • 1907: Alfred Dunhill opens his first tobacco shop, at age 35, in London
  • 1910: First Dunhill pipes were introduced
  • 1922: Dunhill - New York was opened with a catalog that included various types of lighters from other manufacturers. The Dunhill Unique was first offered in 1922 and was 6 centimeters high. Not long afterward, it was redesigned to an identical, but smaller version. The lighter was promoted as the first to be operated using just one hand and was based on a design by Greenwood and Wise in 1919.
  • 1924: Dunhill - Paris was opened and the smaller, now 52 millimeter Unique was presented and published in the Parisian catalog with the name 'Le Briquet Parfait' (the perfect lighter).Only versions in precious metals were offered.
  • 1925: A smaller lighter, named Unique, was offered and this one was 46 millimeters high. Later the models were denoted as C, B, and A - in reverse order with respect to date of introduction.
  • 1928: Alfred Dunhill retires leaving management of the company to his brother Bertie. His daughter Mary was already active in the firm, as well.
  • 1929: The Unique Sport and Ball Table Lighters were introduced. They featured the double strike wheel, an improvement considered to make the lighter more convenient to use - especially for women. After 1932 this feature was on all lighters.
  • 1956: The Dunhill Rollagas Lighter is launched

SOURCE: Lighters: Gli Accendini by StefanoBisconcini