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Cartier Lighters

In 1847Louis-François Cartier (1819-1904) took over the jewelry workshop of the master-craftsman Adolphe Picard at 29, Rue Montorgueil in Paris. Since 1874 Cartier has been an integral part of the lives of successful people, a sign of belonging to the higher strata of society. Cartier, it is not just an exquisite accessories and jewelry from precious stones and metals, it is amazing creations that combine exceptional craftsmanship of jewelers.

In 1902 Cartier London and 1908 Cartier New York were established.

Many of early Cartier lighters were the unique pieces made on specific demand of the customers, but even later serial production kept very high quality of work and materials and brought many innovative ideas. Cartier’s patent from 1932 is a good example, later it was bought by Dunhill and sold by him as Dunhill Tallboy. It was one of the most innovative models in lighter’s history, using the system of constant pressure to the flint and double tank fuel system with adjustable screw between them that made this lighter work for weeks without re-filling. Also the shape of this lighter started a new chapter in design of lighters, that is where Dunhill Rollalite and other lighters shaped like one block of metal with the wheel or the roller on the side were inspired.

Cartier petrol lighters made in late 40s had the same mechanism. Another interesting model was the table lighter made of silver with cigarette reservoir that would pass lighted cigarette. The first gas lighter made by Cartier was The Oval in 1968.

Cartier Paris was acquired in 1972 by a group of investors led by Robert Hocq (Silver Match) and soon afterward all of the organization was taken over by this group.