Toledo Bend Ballery

The Dove Award


Thank you again for applying for our programs. It is with great honor that we hereby acknowledge and award you with the Dove Award. Our award program is much different than others on the Internet today. We believe that a web site that makes a difference does simply that but by through the eyes of those who come to visit your site. Is your mission and purpose for those who visit. Does one accomplish what they are trying to get across?

Well your site has "made the difference" as our panel feels that your site is filled with educational and beneficial materials that come through within the purpose and mission that your journey on the Internet sets forth. The site is well done, filled with information and is easy to navigate through. Great job indeed. Please except our award and be proud to post it as many come...but many do not obtain the treasure of our award. Our panel also has approved your site for the Site of Knowledge to which the badge is included.

ICRA SafeSurf Rated