States Lighters

A series of lighters featuring the states was made in the mid-1950s - it is unclear whether they were made late enough to include Alaska and Hawaii, both admitted in 1959, though lighters were made for these states - possibly before statehood. The series did include at least two possessions - Guam, Mariana Islands and puerto Rico.

The various states were made by numerous Japanese manufacturers, though the lighter design was the basically the same for all of them, there are differences; for example, the MasterCraft Pennsylvania lighter places Youngstown, OH into PA - while the Continental version does not make this error.

These lighters all had raised metal surfaces outlining the contours and enamel painted in the details - rather like a low grade cloisonne. Some map lighters were made by other companies, such as Shalco, with a cheaper plastic covering and the printing mimicked the raised and enamel work on the slightly earlier states series.

Along about the same time other lighters of the same look, feel, and design were made for certain attractions such as New York City, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, etc.

These lighters were made under a number of brand names that include: Albert, Charco, Continental, Dura-Lite, Field, Gibson, Master Craft, Omega, Penguin, SMC, Wales, and numerous others - all Japanese manufactured.

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