Makiye / Namiki Lacquer Wares

Makiye: Raised lacquered wares are the most representative works of Japanese art popular and treasured as elegant and exquisite masterpieces throughout the world owing to their unique artistic value.

Namiki Lacquer Wares are signed handcrafts of the most famous and eminent artists in Japan made carefully piece by piece, and are valued as the most refined and characteristic lacquered articles superior to other ones in all respects.

Characteristics of Namiki Lacquer Wares

  1. Namiki Lacquer Wares are the most respresentative high-grade articles in Japan.
  2. Namiki Lacquer Wares are of substantial qualitymade by a popular manufacturing method to fix lacquer by baking.
  3. Namiki Lacquer Wares are matchless in their finishing touches owing to a careful selection of gold dust and gold foil.

Namiki Lacquer Works

SOURCE: Namiki information card as pictured

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